12th January 2012 Morning sitting Mysterious Circle

It is a lovely morning for 12th january 2012, the morning was for meditation however it changed, the Vortex was activated once sylvia was energized to make use of the vortex it is seen in action,it was quiet strong in the seance room upstairs and it could be felt clearly by the medium as her awareness was here. The transformations coming through is seen, it has been said many times before, whether the mediums body is made active and put in to use or not the vortex will still work the way it needs to, spirit team are clearly strong working throgh her and around her, at times you will see things disappear off the medium like her arms hands etc and return, facial canges as well as appearences of others working there way out the vortex you can see the sitting in the saved recording above, and below are images from the sitting.
The video below contains a very short spirit dance which was done downstairs in the lounge, the vortex was active for about halfway through the video below then the vortex slows and weakens, quiet alot of vortex been used this morning so charging it up for tonights sitting, take a look at both video and images and enjoy. 



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