12th January 2012 Special evening sitting for Nikki and Chris Parents Mysterious Circle


this evening of the 12th January the mysterious circle sat for the special sitting focusing on Nikki and Chris parents,two camera's was filming camera 2 and the video camera, the video camera picked up the images you will see below, however the video camera is not fully back as it used to be, yet Sylvia will need to put that video camera back in regular use so the spirit team can get it back in full operation, some of the spirit appeared in grey images over the drum there faces show, then the room shows colour changes and either a tribes man and possibly ET transmitting there world Chris parents picture also changes, the video camera video can not be posted up until the spirit team want those to be posted, the other camera 2 shows things appearing normal at times however things happened in the room, sounds was heard on the film, the vortex was not in full operation yet some of the vortex is in action when a communicator comes through the medium drumming and appears to be singing? the video for camera 2 will be uploaded here today, there will be continuous focus on all spirit and ET from now on and Nikki will be encouraged regular to appear or communicate.Enjoy and watch for the very special sitting coming up on 13th January 2012 via the Crystal Skulls sitting.




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