13th January 2012 special Morning Sitting spirit and ET Appear from Vortex


This sitting is special, this morning Sylvia sat for about just under 9 minutes, seems short and amazing things happened which she wanted you all to see, You Tube have blocked the video and some one is trying to claim this video is there's, when It was freshly done this morning in her own home, if there was issues of sound you tube could of easily done the same thing to any video she posted before yet this one has been targeted, no one has got the opportunity to see this, not even art or anyone in UK can see only 30 countries might as 216 are blocked, We feel it is not so much an excuse on sound why it is blocked, it is the visual that they are wanting to prevent public from seeing, this shall be disputed with you tube.Removed video will add it here soon. Recently the medium double checked the video she uploaded to you tube and discovered NO sound was on it at all, and even when she uploaded it to JUSTIN TV there is NO Sound, so something is very wrong in the claims you tube have made claiming that the video is not hers it some one else's, we will want there proof on who it belongs to, as they have no proof, we do.
13th January 2012 special Morning Sitting spirit and ET Appear from Vortex

JUSTIN.TV You must request the password to view only those chosen will get to see this sitting,to protect the medium.



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