14th January 2012 Mysterious Circle Unexpected Special Healing for Norman


It has been a day of surprise and Chris has his evening of sitting for portany circle, during this time Sylvia did not sit with the circle on this occasion, however even though she was not feeling 100 percent in herself with her stomach, she found herself helping another person who was going through it with there own health, this person is Norman one of the sitters who sit's in the portany  and is a dedicated sitter and a great friend, Just before Norman went home, Sylvia asked Norman did he have time for a healing or was he in a rush to go home? He said he would like a healing, at this time the room was prepared as the medium had to take out the tv unit from the cabinet and a table as it was reducing space, once done, Norman had a brief talk about what to do during the healing, when the healing sitting began communicators came through, Tommy was first then it was dr Jones, an expert surgeon for back problems, he was assessing and talking to Norman, the Video at this time can not be posted up until permission is fully given from Norman if he wants public seeing him on the saved recording being healed.Any Discussion taking place with Norman and spirit team was personal so it is important respect is always put first for anyone having healing. below are 2 pictures, the first picture you can see Normans higher self (ether self) appearing next to his own face, this is in which the spirit healers, doctors and surgeons work between both on any person to balance out the health conditions. at that time Sylvia was in trance, the ether appeared quiet quick for Norman when he was getting his chair round, and the vortex when it is expanded out and anyone goes in to it whether the eyes can see it or not it is there working on the individuals in side it so things can appear from them on the recording.The vortex and full healing was not clearly seen on this sitting as the medium is a small person, and the work being done behind Norman is difficult to assess in the visual for you to see, yet confirmation in discussion with Norman and the spirit team can be heard clearly. Sylvia will have to wait on Normans progress, as the spirit team will have given him further healing at home, he can only confirm if he notices any difference received from the healing.



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