1st January 2012 Happy New Year Mysterious Circle Sitting

 It is the start of the new year for 1st January 2012, a positive start to the day, mysterious circle sit for beyond physicalmediumship, during the time of the sitting even before it starts a round like red orange light appears in the room around cabinet, there can be explanations for things, yet this was something more for a reason to do with the sitting, the medium may appear white yet when you watch what happens in the sitting other color like yellow appear, in the cabinet some things appear in the cabinet moving, they are not orbs as the structures are different, the sound seemed to have disappeared off the saved recording,not sure who came through speaking.The camera been controlled by the spirit team,Will keep you updated on anything else.soon loved ones will be appearing again, you may know them or not, this is all commencing in 2012.
saved sitting video will be added sometime this evening or latest tomorrow


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