24th January 2012 LIVE Cam Broadcast Mysterious Circle

live cam became a surprise this evening for viewers,via blog TV and the main site's web2cam private cam. all passwords were disabled so that any one can view, across the top of both live cams the name mysterious circle now live and date 24/01/2012 was streaming above so viewers could see, and to prove it was live for both cams, Sylvia spoke and said she is waving her magic hands,both saved recordings will be added to this post so you can view and hear what is on both cams the same, the only difference you will see visually is camera 2 is clearer to see the medium, yet camera 1 even though the medium looks white the camera picks up the same phenomena as camera 2 whether visual or sound you will know it is the same sitting, rather than talk in this post your better off watching what you possibly missed out on and can compare what is going on or not for yourself,it does not matter how many times the medium sits and where,this happens, the vortex brings through phenomena as well as other life forms.
Camera 2 blogtv

a male appears next to medium, he has a big nose and moustache, he came in fast and went,  the circle is encouring those who are appearing to stay longer, this will take time yet will be achieved.

mediums face transfiguring

mediums nose alters in shape and features

mediums nose is reshaping

mediums face transfigures

Camera 1 web2cam



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