24th January 2012 Visitors from the other side mysterious circle

 It is the morning of 24th January 2012, what a combined morning of positive and negative. experiencing the good and the bad from life what it throws at us yet it inspires us as individuals to progress and not give up with anything no matter how hard a road can be.
Even though it has been a difficult matter of weeks not sitting regular due to other reasons, it has been nice being able to sit for a short time to keep the connection with the vortex and spirit strong, the mediums higher self, the ether self appeared, however so did some one else, take a look at the stages below to who appeared, it is important you look at the mediums anatomy so you can see the differences in what you are looking at in comparison to shape, structure etc.You are not being expected to believe or disbelieve or be made to see or not see anything that choice is yours, the efforts that are coming through are signs all the hard work those from other worlds are making progress and it is them that work hard to succeed.
medium and higher self going through changes bringing in loved ones
ET transformation
ET transformation
Who is this?
who is this and wears an earring?



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