25th January 2012 Mysterious Circle visitors from the other side

 It is the morning of 25th January 2012, was a very sad morning for sylvia, she recieved some bad news of her eldest son, she was not expecting, yet for each week that everything that can go wrong in some one's life has been going wrong, and you wonder when the good things will appear.
sylvia attempted to sit with 2 camera's in the lounge, and it did not matter how much she was focusing she felt it was worry causing the vortex to not open up as it usually does, something felt different for her, she put music on to give things a boost, still there was no full power of strength coming in, so rather than just give up, she tried again, at this time she was not looking at any other part of the room, yet when she attempted to work the vortex again she turned her head towards the glass cabinet on the wall and had the shock of her life and did not know how to react. The 2 camera she usually sits with, had no zoom, and she attempted to get them closer to record what she see's, yet she made quick for her mobile phone and recorded what was visible to her own eyes. stairing back at her in the glass cabinet mirror was not just sylvia, her higher self (ether self) which then changed to other spirit people, 3 heads appear in the mirror and are solid in appearance. So even though sylvia thought nothing was happening with the vortex this morning, those who were already ready to appear to her for her to see with her own waking eyes she seen, this type of sitting she remembered clear to her when she was a young kid seeing people appear and other worlds in a mirror, has become fully in action again, when she was a kid her mum had to get rid of mirrors as sylvia was to sensitive with any mirror around her, she always seen things in mirrors, now chris if he did not go out today, he would have seen this for himself, take a look at the still shots from the saved recording below.

Part 2



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