26th January 2012 Special Sitting with mirror showing spirit and transfiguration faces and vortex

the morning of 26th January 2012 is here, and a demonstration sitting takes place, due to what occurred on the 25th January 2012 morning and spirit faces accidently in a long time appear in the mirrored cabinet in the lounge, the medium decided to sit in the seance room and place a normal mirror in the chair where she sits, and stood up with her awareness here, she also allowed her spirit team and ET to work the vortex to experiment in seeing if anything should appear in the mirror and on or next to the medium can be seen and recorded. After the morning sitting when the medium checked back to the saved recording of the sitting, she was surprised to see that a man wearing a hat appears in in the mirror, the more she checked through the film other faces that she could not recognize appeared in the mirror, at times the mediums own face is also seen, the higher self the ether self of medium appears at times yet those on higher planes come in quiet fast working the vortex to enable the visibility of the spirit and other life forms of existence to appear. It will take time getting the link with each individual that appears to last longer yet results are promising and the hard work is becoming more positive from spirit. the phenomena also that appears at times where the medium arms or part body goes in to the mirror occurs, the bright vortex power also shows it strength and power, and those who transfigure over the mediums face in fast amounts shows it is appearing in the mirror also. Below is images from the saved recording of the sitting.

                    The Images that are largest below contain the faces that appear in mirror



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