2nd January 2012 mysterious Circle Sitting Beyond Physicalmediumship


2nd January 2012 is here, the evening of the 2nd day of sitting in January, not sure what to say about this evening as Sylvia was very deep in an altered state of consciousness, and is still recovering from the sitting, the sound on the sitting has not turned out, and the medium thinks she has an idea to why this has happened, sometimes the sound can be clearly heard during a sitting when it broadcasts yet can disappear off the recording for different reasons, sometimes the spirit team can be very strong in what they do and it can affect things in the room.the medium is not sure if it is worth posting up the video, we will see on that one what she decides. still shots images from the saved sitting are below, it has been at times active in the sitting and calm in other parts of the sitting, the vortex was in pure action and attempts of spirit faces appearing, sometimes the mediums higher self the ether self can appear also,the medium was wrapped up in layers of clothes as the room was very cold and she needed to feel comfortable sitting.


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