6th January 2012 Sitting Mysterious Circle Transfiguration through Vortex


The sitting this evening for 6th January 2012 was a short one, this sitting was focused on transfiguration, working the vortex not as much as usual yet bringing in enough to help show the structure changes and appearances coming through the medium, there are some images that will contain the mediums higher self (ether self) and others that are not her, some images already have been said to the medium as recognisable as loved ones, people Sylvia does not know, never seen nor met, yet some one recognised them as part of there family,the speed spirit and et come through you will need to pause the video as you watch to see just how many changes take place, it does not matter whether the medium sits still or is moved about, the faces will appear, some images are comforting as you will see a spirit behind the medium with there arm appearing from the back around her waist.Some of the faces coming in over the mediums or to the side are clear others are blank, your choice what you choose to believe or not, the mediums awareness tonight was in full perspective, and after the sitting felt ill her foot has flared up with pain, the sitting was not the cause. enjoy the images below. ,



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