7th January 2012 Mysterious Circle Beyond Physicalmediumship Short test Sitting Vortex TV Drum


 This has been a very short test sitting with TV and drum and without drum, and vortex for 7th January 2011 this sitting was not in full swing yet the vortex did expand and opened a doorway to allow the spirit hands and other objects be seen, the drum that the medium was holding became connected to the vortex for short time, yet this test sitting was in preparation for this evenings sitting in which chris will attend and sit, not sure what this evenings sitting will be like yet it looks positive so far, many on the other side who wish to be seen will be seen when they are ready to come out in full form, the vortex expanding this afternoon shows there is a definate positive chance anything could happen at anytime this year for loveed ones to appear more stronger and the ET, below are some still shot images from the saved sittings, the test sitting video is above for you to view. Enjoy till this evening sitting is added.



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