8th January 2012 evening sitting Beyond physicalmediumship Mysterious Circle

This evening of 8th January 2012 the mysterious circle sits for beyond physicalmediumship, the sitting did not last a long time, yet in the short sittings some remarkable faces appeared out the vortex a couple of ET that appeared quiet quick then went there form can just about be seen, and in front of TV at side of medium a head appearing away from the medium emerges out the vortex, at times the mediums face transfigures, the vortex worked through the mediums body, yet not too much, at the beginning of the sitting the medium  was stood up with awareness until she ends up in the chair and awareness alters to a deeper level, take a look below at the images and enjoy the video above.

ET appearing on left of medium
to the side of medium to corner of tv a head appears out of the vortex


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