Brand New Changes for MYsterioUS Circle...It has been fore seen by spirit team, the signs that the mysterious circle must watch out for when it comes to proving the afterlife and other life forms of existence are real... however in doing so, there will be those in the physical world on earth who will do all they can to make attempts to become something they can never have. Already these signs are showing up a lot now, and even though at this time it cannot be posted on the blog, the evidence is kept safe for future reference.
Technology may advance as the years progress by, yet spirit also advance. technology can be man made for human use, yet man has no idea just how much of an invention that can be created, what else that invention can do besides in what the creator believes it can do. You may see things in life as an illusion, you may think what you see in your life is the best or not the best, the purposes of life here on earth, are to help you see further than life it self. The greatest thing you can ever achieve is to allow your self to go one step beyond and discover more. The Invisible is not all what it appears to be, it is far more greater than one can ever imagine. You choose and decide or limit your own self from your own beliefs and dis beliefs and what is right there in front of you that you may or may not see or even hear.
The Higher intelligences are grander than you think.
Many prophecies are opening up and coming true, in what has been given from the early life of the medium and even before her, yet much more is still to come, yet preparations are in place for when they do.
If you cannot physically get to something, it can be very possible it can get to you, no matter where you are at, and will surprise you.
what am I speaking of here? THE IMPOSSIBLE, yes on a grander scale. There are many impossibilities that many will be wondering how is it possible when it should not be? There will be no easy way to explain, yet it has already begun. Soon those impossibles will be witnessed by many, and it begins quiet soon.
Watch this space for launch date.



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