Healing List for 8th January 2012 and Bookings Form


7th January 2012 Chris receiving a special healing through using vortex in his hand and arm
Some of you may have trouble viewing the main healing page and other pages so for now once a week I will post the healing list here as a post, anyone who needs healing get in touch with the mysterious circle, you can go on the list or you can send in your picture for healing when the medium sits for beyond physicalmediumship, or if you want it in person this can be arranged however it does not matter where you are in the world, healing can be given, please get your requests in early to save on any disappointment, sittings are on Monday's yet the circle do heal any day of the week if need be. If you wish to book anything with the medium click this link here. Bookings
Healing list 8 jan -2012
Healing list that comes back every week. Done by Art.
Pommie. A dear friend in Belgium . I found out just nou , that she live there In stead New Zealand . But spirit always find the patients
She is riddled with Ms. and has been on this list for years. And thanks to all of you she is still going strong.
I heard from Pomie last week . She is after 5 years . Still going strong . And does a lot of work for her friends ., On Internet .. So the healing is still working For her Always . Thank you Art
The Healing list:
It always looks the samebut it is not. I am working live on this every week 8 jan 2012 Art
Patients that are often chronic. Are here on top. .
Stef. Always in pain yet very seldom complaining, but He is ready to help others always…
 Healers please keep Barbara Hicks on your permanent healing prayer list Thank you all
Brian Hicks
Much appreciated Love Barbara xxx Brian Higgins..
Also place my name there as well.
Fokko Kleinsma Very much pain in his back .
But that is not good enough . He cannot move at all without Pain . and his mental state keeps going down
A normal person could not bear . it . and now the doctors made it worse . Made a mess of the operation .
Fokko needs the best Spirit Doctors . badly . Love art
Liesbeth Heikamp, reumatism and Arthritis
Has been on pretnison . for months , And Also many months . on Antibiothics . For many infections . . We ask Spirit doctors for Healing.. Art
Linda Robinson . very sick
Our spiritual responsibility for the coming year is to be more aware and care. To become the guiding light, to act whenever a bad situation arises.
Marion groeneboom .. Fibromialgie .. Including a very sore neck .
And a very sore neck.. In much pain ,. Art , My niece ..
Hi Helen
My friend Lisa emailed me this bit of information relating to Janine whom we put on the healing list recently.
I had a lovely visit with Janine in Hamilton and told her she was on the healing prayer list. She said to tell you Thank you very much. She's making progress and will be going to visit a chiropractor next week as well. It's a slipped disk that she has and it's been 2 months so far of lying down to get well. She's very optimistic. Blessings Sandy
New Zealand
Elise is having a brain tumor removed on Thursday 29th.
Carolyn – chemo
David Andrews -Chemo
Lelia Andrews &family
Natalie & Family
Sylvia & Brian
Please would you ask the email healers for healing for Indigo our darling Rottie as she is having extreme trouble getting to her feet and standing. Sure she has put weight on and we are helping her to lose that extra weight but mean time Indigo really needs all your help with healing please. She is in so much pain.
It worries me when I watch her try to stand and she has such trouble (not like us humans who can get help from others but doggies cannot). I / We would be so pleased to see her better. She is 9 and 3/4 years, almost 10years which is a good age for Rottweilers. We are just asking that she have little or no pain please. That is not too much to ask is it?
We love our "lady Indi" very much and when the time comes to let her go we will be able to do that for her because we love her so much just as we did for Sophia our baby and Samantha our first Rottweiler.
Thank you Helen,
Love and healing,
R. M. - Abdominal Cancer.
Carol - lumber pain
Chic. -breathlessness
Mary Phair - chronic colitis
Trevor.- Macular degeneration
Anton. - Stroke victim
Betty Saunders - senility
Albert King - in rest home
Collins family concerned over sister Linda in UK
Norah J
Thelma W
Raewynne and Tony
Jean K
Gary. has operation on12th January.
Normal function has just been restored to my neck,it was a long standing condition due to injury.
Thanks to all exmag supporters. Chic.
Joanna McKay Just had some bad news on her health
and her friend Nancy Curtis( both elderly ladies)
Ina and her husband George
Rosie Farmer
Cherie & family
Linda Turner
Bonnie Hildrith (88 yo) virus has been in Auckland Hospital
Pru Erasmus (severe back pain
Healing please for a safe passing for Lance Hopping and All the other people involved in the “balloon “ tragedy in the Wairarapa
on 7th. January 2012.
Dave & Gary
Loma ( nursing and really tired and distraught)
All the doctors and nurses in the hospital
Adie (me) and my mother in law Cara
Linda Holledge – Tumour behind the breast specialist to decide what procedure is best.
Barry Sarah James & Emily Linda’s family
Catherine- surgery
Brian and Natalie
Barbara Hicks -Lymphodema in left arm.
Dear Friends,
I have just returned from my GP and had a shock for when she took my Blood Pressure it was 180 / 100..
She has prescribed another BP medication.
Please put me on your Healing List.
Much appreciated
Barbara (Hicks)

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BIG Break through during transfiguration
18th Jan 2011 the mysterious circle had a break through during the physical mediumship of sylvia howarth Transfiguration, a males head appears from the mediums forehead upwards, a man wearing what looks like a zorro mask (c)copyright


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