Mysterious Circle Video's are getting Blocked


Hi regulars to the site, you may have trouble watching some video's on the site, some video's that have been on the posts a good length of time have recently been blocked by you tube stopping a lot of countries viewing the video sittings. The mysterious Circle is up against a constant battle with there own copy right material,which when it involves another 3rd party who may think they own our video, has no right to do it. What the circle may have to do is, take sound off those video and re add them back to the posts, if for any reason this still happens the video's get blocked, then there is a bigger problem than expected on our hands meaning it is not about sound, they may want the world not to see any sittings at all on the net. If this is the case, what ever it takes, the mysterious circle will fight there corner to find out why this is happening and to carry on sitting and sharing where ever we can with the world. The Circle shall not be beaten by any government, scientists, or anti demonstrators.


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