22nd January 2012 Other Worlds From the Vortex mysterious circle


15th January 2012  beyond physicalmediumship in light  2 faces, one looking towards you, the other face looking side on, sat in the vortex

What does it take to get other life forms  from other locations from other worlds or other worlds transmitting, whether in spirit or not  to appear from the vortex?

Everyone has a level, a  base where they  are at now in life, and it does not matter how far away something is from you, where it is, it has a definite link attachment, as much as our own personality as a individual, we are many in evolve.

Your reality is how you see it, or believe it to be, as much as others who are in other places in other worlds different to your own. gaining access to each others locations may not be easy at times, however it can be achieved.

The Mysterious circle hold many key secrets that has many hidden abilities to enable to connect with many of the unseen in this world you already know of, yet can go further than here in linking with those from other worlds.

the vortex is a powerful  fast spinning whirlwind that can either take things up in to it, or release things out of it, imagine a tornado or blackhole how the spin and what can happen, tornado's pull things within it and those things that get in side it either get sent some where else or taken else where that can never be found, a black hole you can enter it and it can either destroy something or if you get out the other end of it, it takes you in another time or dimension different to what you know.

for any life form to enter or exit the vortex, takes a big effort yet it is a reality happening in the circle.
Watch the BIG EXPERIMENT POST COMING SOON to show you the vortex demonstration on what can come in and out the vortex, and including Sylvia going in the vortex and vanishing and returning to appear, as well as other surprises along the way, this BIG EXPERIMENT will be  announced with a date soon, it may begin before the change of location happens for the circle, or after, will let you know.
MYsterioUS Circle


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