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17th February 2012 Test sitting happened Mysterious Circle unexpected

endofvid [starttext] This evening of the 17th February 2012 the mysterious circle was feeling very in need to do a small test sitting, no trance, just working up the vortex to see how it is, so the place was the bedroom to test it out in front of Sylvia wardrobe, visibly in the wardrobe mirror you can see the laptop on bed camera in background and few things leaning on the wall, the room is still a mess by the way, any how full awareness test sitting, this was a surprise not knowing how things was going to be, yet see what happens to the medium with the tall mirror, at the early stage medium is in full solid form, at a point she shut the door the door then bounced back open whilst beginning up the sitting, as the vortex gets active the medium fades, then others appear coming up through her, the video will be posted shortly.The medium ended up smiling towards end of feeling in surprise she was not expecting a blast of what arrived took her by surprise, this is the start of bigger thin…

17th February 2012 Sitting 's Update

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It is the 17th February 2012 the day after Sylvia's experience about to share with you from the new location she is now in. Sylvia did not sit for beyond physicalmediumship as there is still lots to sort out in the new place and still more things to sort out for the old place, however when she finally got to sleep in the bedroom up stairs for the first time, phenomena began in the bedroom, whilst she was in the bed reading a book, the wardrobe door became very active on it's own, the door was being pushed from the inside outward and even though some things was obstructing the door to fully open, the door was bouncing back on itself, now this was no other explanation, this went on continuous for hours, a similar thing happened when Sylvia was in the old location for the first week during the day time a sound that went from small to power bangs in a violent way kinda got scary because being in a new area you would think some one was trying to break in. turn…

12th February 2012 Mysterious Circle Update

endofvid [starttext] Plans was in  place for mysterious circle to sit on 12th February 2012 unfortunately it did not happen, too much was going off, and still is, so the circle now has to wait to move to the new location on 14th February 2012 then arrange a new date to start back sitting, it has been a disappointing time not being able to sit, however the circle hopes it can continue in the new location. fingers crossed, watch this site for further announcements. mysterious circle [endtext]

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12th February 2012 Mysterious Circle are Sitting this evening

endofvid [starttext] The Mysterious Circle will be sitting this evening of 12th February 2012 for the very last time in this location, where they are leaving, lets hope it can be a special sitting to remember this wonderful place, where a lot of the circles history has been through out 2011 to part of 2012. Once the circle is in the new location, in the next few weeks a new start of sittings shall take place. check back this evening for this evenings sitting post update. [endtext]

9th February 2012 Mysterious Circle Sittings Update

endofvid [starttext] Due to heavy demands at home, mysterious circle will try do a sitting before Sunday, if not it will be within 2 weeks time, sorry for any inconvenience caused. [endtext]

7th February 2012 Mysterious Circle Will Be Sitting

endofvid [starttext] Mysterious Circle Special Sitting for 7th February 2012  Cancelled  watch this space for update on next sitting. [endtext]

6th February 2012 Mysterious Circle receives news about missing boy michael

endofvid [starttext] Today is the 6th February 2012, and Sylvia of mysterious circle received an email from her friend art, bringing very sad news, alerting her the missing boy has been found in the water and navy divers found him, below are links of confirmation where the boy was found, those who did not hear the sitting on 4th February 2012 where Tommy speaks of the missing boy and emphasizing people to still look in the water as professionals did not think he would be in there because of where the boys tracks was found not near the water, link for that page is here 4th February 2012 There are some more things waiting on if it is relevant to anything else Tommy said, something in the snow that will be found of the boy and the truck (lorry) being in the area at the time.

Mysterious Circle's heart goes out to the family of Michael, and no words can express what they will be going through, may Michael be at peace in spirit our condolences to the family.

On the 6th February 2012  al…

4th February 2012 Spirit World Detectives to Investigate Missing Boy-Mysterious Circle

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Post updated

Boosted Audio added:

Just to make you aware the audio also contains ET transmission interfering with the sitting, there messages are also in the sitting, will add the transcript what Tommy speaks some time today

It is the 4th February 2012,requests over these few days have been coming in for mysterious circle to help find a missing boy and people especially the family to the boy are growing very concerned. so Sylvia has decided today in the evening she will sit and allow her spirit team to come through and help find the missing boy. watch this space this evening for the post that will be added on what has or has not happened in the sitting of any clues to finding him. Even though the seance room things have been packed and put away, a sitting will take place. Here is the link about the missing boy which includes his picture. Major search for Michael van Dijk (10) from Luttelgeest (update 23.02)
 it was very recent…

Racism in the Spiritual Movement

endofvid [starttext] Over the years there has been a very obvious pattern of culture being divided in some spiritual movements, there are spiritual movements that are very kind and very welcoming however there are spiritual movements that do not accept other cultures nor want them involved with there spiritual movement. How often do you hear of cultures of certain types being shown that they to have gifts or capabilities in being part of a spiritual movement or being special? In the past when slaves was in operation, these was the horrific times that culture for certain races had there dignity, their name, there choices, there own rules,etc taken from them. Slaves could not name their own children with names that they would like to call there own child, they had there own name took from them and replaced with another name that was not from there own culture, they had no rights, no life, only being treated in a cruel way and it was a time, there gifts for anything was not even allowed…

Watch for posts from 6th february 2012 Mysterious Circle

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This evening for 2nd February 2012 will be doing a special healing for Jennie this is an urgent case will post up after the sitting anything to share.

Very exciting times to look forward to in 2012 when the mysterious circle sits, many new things that no one on line has had the opportunity to see in how the circle has sat in other ways you may see as  impossible, these are going to be surprising times as spirit and ET have so much prepared and are preparing for over the next months for the year, you may get the opportunity to see this live on cam, we will share in the posts, taking things up a notch in to areas of sitting that can blow your mind, this is not a power or ego thing, we are not about that, we have to introduce carefully what we share to public as it is what a person can handle or not is another story so watch the site regular for updates, so you are aware in case you missed out on previous post, from 6th February 2012, Sylvia will sit if she can in b…

1st February 2012 Mysterious Circle important Update

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Hi regulars to the site this is an important update, after the 14th February 2012 the mysterious Circle will be sitting again fully, next week from 6th February 2012 there maybe some sittings however not in the seance cabinet, all seance things are packed away,will sit anywhere circle can if we can, Sylvia will be very busy preparing for location change so bare with us, keep checking the site for updates, thank you for your support and patience.


31st January 2012 mysterious Circle Sitting Beyond Physicalmediumship In Light

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It is the 31st January 2012,the evening and Sylvia felt inspired to sit in the seance room, in a couple of weeks time the circle will be changing location  and will be in the process of a new start for the circle  somewhere else. the Circle has decided to post up less pictures in the posts, and just share some for now, no video is attached either as time is very limited to get things done. This evening whilst the sitting was in action, there was no trance communication, the focus was purely on helping those on the other side appear through the vortex and either show there face over the mediums, or appear on there own out of the medium. this has been a very important time sitting as so much has been achieved already, signs of the spirit and ET are getting stronger and better to see, and though the higher self (the ether self) of the medium has been seen at times in images, this is a key point that the ether self works on instincts, interacts with spirit and other …