17th February 2012 Test sitting happened Mysterious Circle unexpected

This evening of the 17th February 2012 the mysterious circle was feeling very in need to do a small test sitting, no trance, just working up the vortex to see how it is, so the place was the bedroom to test it out in front of Sylvia wardrobe, visibly in the wardrobe mirror you can see the laptop on bed camera in background and few things leaning on the wall, the room is still a mess by the way, any how full awareness test sitting, this was a surprise not knowing how things was going to be, yet see what happens to the medium with the tall mirror, at the early stage medium is in full solid form, at a point she shut the door the door then bounced back open whilst beginning up the sitting, as the vortex gets active the medium fades, then others appear coming up through her, the video will be posted shortly.The medium ended up smiling towards end of feeling in surprise she was not expecting a blast of what arrived took her by surprise, this is the start of bigger things to come in the new location working with spirit and ET.



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