31st January 2012 mysterious Circle Sitting Beyond Physicalmediumship In Light


It is the 31st January 2012,the evening and Sylvia felt inspired to sit in the seance room, in a couple of weeks time the circle will be changing location  and will be in the process of a new start for the circle  somewhere else.
the Circle has decided to post up less pictures in the posts, and just share some for now, no video is attached either as time is very limited to get things done.
This evening whilst the sitting was in action, there was no trance communication, the focus was purely on helping those on the other side appear through the vortex and either show there face over the mediums, or appear on there own out of the medium. this has been a very important time sitting as so much has been achieved already, signs of the spirit and ET are getting stronger and better to see, and though the higher self (the ether self) of the medium has been seen at times in images, this is a key point that the ether self works on instincts, interacts with spirit and other life forms, protects us from danger around us and if we ignore the warnings we end up regretting it, the higher self, the ether self is your main guide that works with you in life with everything, your other guides are people whether you know them or not may want to be with you and learn or not and teach you to what they know. It is a very important step the levels of connecting in with the highest of realms that once a link a connection is made that we keep at it, we do not know what it will be like in the new location to sit, we hope it will be just as good as this location we have sat for over a year, yet look forward to the new beginning, we are aiming to sit outside again soon, it maybe difficult at the new place as there is no privacy unless take a chance and go for it when we can. we want to show you that sitting outdoors is just as good as being indoors, outdoors for us is absolutely the bast times as we can capture on film other peoples higher self and spirit people walking with them, we do have video of this from 2011 when we visited abbeys and castles and captured amazing moments of public having spirit people or there own ether self near them or walking behind them, we did not post up the video because we have to be careful who is on the video and that we do not get complaints, those who know the circle have seen these video, and was amazed how it is happening, so we look forward to sitting like this again, however sometimes mediums awareness is here not always entranced depending where she is, but it proves whether awake or asleep those who are unseen by the eye, are there and when they appear on the saved recordings it is amazing the results. so this year watch the site for those out door specials to come.

images below are stages of faces that came through over the medium or to the side



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