4th February 2012 Spirit World Detectives to Investigate Missing Boy-Mysterious Circle

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Just to make you aware the audio also contains ET transmission interfering with the sitting, there messages are also in the sitting, will add the transcript what Tommy speaks some time today

It is the 4th February 2012,requests over these few days have been coming in for mysterious circle to help find a missing boy and people especially the family to the boy are growing very concerned. so Sylvia has decided today in the evening she will sit and allow her spirit team to come through and help find the missing boy. watch this space this evening for the post that will be added on what has or has not happened in the sitting of any clues to finding him. Even though the seance room things have been packed and put away, a sitting will take place. Here is the link about the missing boy which includes his picture.

Major search for Michael van Dijk (10) from Luttelgeest (update 23.02)

 it was very recently brought to the attention of mysterious circle to help locate a missing boy called Michael not been seen since Wednesday, the sitting included Chris who spoke and communicated with the spirit communicating through Sylvia the medium, this is a important sitting that could have important link to help find the missing boy, listen to the audio in the video what has been said. 


MysterioUS Circle
4th February 2012 spirit detective sitting for missing boy called Michael

Tommy answering Anita’s question:

I take it Dr Jones is already paying regular visits and always makes sure concerning her directions he says he still assess her, she is a very very gifted girl,she is going places,she must take it easy, and for the right opportunity crossing her path very soon now, there will be a few opportunities that will will no be suitable for her, there is an opportunity that will be what she wants and will keep, she will actually be chosen for, they will take interest in her, she will need to choose carefully which path she's take , out of the opportunities that only one will be right for her. If she is confused and does not know which to choose, we can help her choose al she needs to do is ask.

Tommy answering Jennies health question:
We have been very much aware of this situation we already made a start giving all the help we can give her we are by her side as much as we can be to help her this is a delicate time, she has been in touch and go since her arteries and veins are not very good a new block in her is going in the wrong way causing a massive problem it all stems from the operation she had and was not fully recovered from it and was sent home to quick from it which then caused the first block to happen to her arteries veins and now it has triggered another one on another part in the same spot different to the first one in the same spot its decided to be another clot. The doctors will do all they can for her in her sleep, and she is in an unfortunate situation at this time and we can not risk Jennie ether being at risk with surgery, they must be careful how they work with her, we are here to watch over her that her balance with in her is stabled we must stress there is no cure, some thing’s can be cured and there is a point were she can try not to give up through the worst,for example it's like trying to disarm a bomb from blowing up when you have to cut the correct wire without triggering the bomb off. Her body is similar very fragile yet the key thing is a solution sometimes that can clear the blockage away very carefully slightest flinch of a surgeons hands could cause her a serious heart attack so it is important how careful it must be done and we will be there for her as much as we can to get the right doctor to treat her the right way,squirting and injecting the solution is risky in this case it not so easy can be done in different ways, without him triggering bigger problem with her heart.

Tommy answering the question on Missing boy Michael:

The team is already on this case, and they have brought a few clues already, at the time he was OK,
he tried to leave his tracks possibly near some river t find his way out, a truck was near by trees and bushes at the side on road in distance around at the same time, he was circling around and around, he was confused he lost his way, he knew where to go even before he lost his way, he kept wondering where am I?, confused, something looked different to him not the same as he knows. “Where am I?” where am I going?”. It Lead him to water but then he turned round then he walked and walked around, turning around confused. Which then when his tracks was found before the water which became a question to everyone else there was no further clues to why the trail stopped there, and even though he was not far away is where his trail was so much he can seen around it does not mean he was in the water, this vehicle round the time he was circling around , it was near these trees at the same time a very big long truck, unusually long , black shiny truck (lorry) with bits red on side, the driver is disguised and this is the point where goes blank, the door the passenger seat, somebody got in and shut the door, the level of height of vehicle from looking up can not see in, see one person get in vehicle only one person owns the vehicle, I am not saying this is a serious situation in this situation people have a way of doing things, situation of the boy a person can have a way of covering there tracks to stop anyone knowing there tracks was there and make things look like no one else was there, this truck has not been seen  in the area before it passing through, to different locations, the boy his thoughts was not sure where going, the water must still be checked, as sometimes a person can be left in there by another's hands, it doe's not mean they fell in there.
Or are not there in how things may look.
Around the time the vehicle was around ... spirit team are investigating now there is not a lot tommy can say, he did say the boy dropped something in the snow it buried in snow it is a strong clue and lead this will be found in the area not far from his trail.

Some words was difficult to add when Chris spoke over Tommy.

 some still images from the saved sitting recording, bit too red

On the 6th February 2012  alert arrives to mysterious circle Missing boy found


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