6th February 2012 Mysterious Circle receives news about missing boy michael

Today is the 6th February 2012, and Sylvia of mysterious circle received an email from her friend art, bringing very sad news, alerting her the missing boy has been found in the water and navy divers found him, below are links of confirmation where the boy was found, those who did not hear the sitting on 4th February 2012 where Tommy speaks of the missing boy and emphasizing people to still look in the water as professionals did not think he would be in there because of where the boys tracks was found not near the water, link for that page is here 4th February 2012 There are some more things waiting on if it is relevant to anything else Tommy said, something in the snow that will be found of the boy and the truck (lorry) being in the area at the time.

Mysterious Circle's heart goes out to the family of Michael, and no words can express what they will be going through, may Michael be at peace in spirit our condolences to the family.

On the 6th February 2012  alert arrives to mysterious circle Missing boy found


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