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31st January 2012 sitting

This evening for 2nd February 2012 will be doing a special healing for Jennie this is an urgent case will post up after the sitting anything to share.

Very exciting times to look forward to in 2012 when the mysterious circle sits, many new things that no one on line has had the opportunity to see in how the circle has sat in other ways you may see as  impossible, these are going to be surprising times as spirit and ET have so much prepared and are preparing for over the next months for the year, you may get the opportunity to see this live on cam, we will share in the posts, taking things up a notch in to areas of sitting that can blow your mind, this is not a power or ego thing, we are not about that, we have to introduce carefully what we share to public as it is what a person can handle or not is another story so watch the site regular for updates, so you are aware in case you missed out on previous post, from 6th February 2012, Sylvia will sit if she can in between packing, all seance room is packed up all ready still lots more to do with other packing, however where she can sit possibly Chris room she may go in there or lounge do some small sittings to keep the vortex active. any time from 14th February 2012 we will be back in full swing sitting again, and is looking forward to it, thank you for supporting the circle.

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