17th February 2012 Sitting 's Update


It is the 17th February 2012 the day after Sylvia's experience about to share with you from the new location she is now in. Sylvia did not sit for beyond physicalmediumship as there is still lots to sort out in the new place and still more things to sort out for the old place, however when she finally got to sleep in the bedroom up stairs for the first time, phenomena began in the bedroom, whilst she was in the bed reading a book, the wardrobe door became very active on it's own, the door was being pushed from the inside outward and even though some things was obstructing the door to fully open, the door was bouncing back on itself, now this was no other explanation, this went on continuous for hours, a similar thing happened when Sylvia was in the old location for the first week during the day time a sound that went from small to power bangs in a violent way kinda got scary because being in a new area you would think some one was trying to break in. turned out it was spirit the pushed out the hinges in the same wardrobe door because they did not like the wardrobe being screwed to the wall and was testing how long she could last in the house, she past the test and even though a message was needed to pass on to the landlord, things calmed down, we will soon see what happens this evening for the second night in the room if anything should happen again, soon the medium will need to activate the vortex to get it in action as it has been weeks since sitting has been in action, it could still be a delay time as the place still needs a lot doing with it, whether the circle will be able to sit due to other reasons causing friction we will have to take things as they come for now in when sitting can get back in full swing one way or the other we will sit, this circle will not be held back, thought we would share the experiences as we go along, watch this site for more updates.


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