Racism in the Spiritual Movement

Over the years there has been a very obvious pattern of culture being divided in some spiritual movements, there are spiritual movements that are very kind and very welcoming however there are spiritual movements that do not accept other cultures nor want them involved with there spiritual movement. How often do you hear of cultures of certain types being shown that they to have gifts or capabilities in being part of a spiritual movement or being special? In the past when slaves was in operation, these was the horrific times that culture for certain races had there dignity, their name, there choices, there own rules,etc taken from them. Slaves could not name their own children with names that they would like to call there own child, they had there own name took from them and replaced with another name that was not from there own culture, they had no rights, no life, only being treated in a cruel way and it was a time, there gifts for anything was not even allowed to be seen, noticed or heard. When do you hear of anyone now from other cultures being some one special? Śri Sathya Sai Baba  is a name people can recognize, anyone else? martin Luther king, Malcolm x etc these are names of people who you will recognized that did a lot to stand up for there culture and demand rights,  Śri Sathya Sai Baba  is known for  was an Indian guru, spiritual figure,mystic, philanthropist and educator. He claimed to be the reincarnation of Sai Baba of Shirdi, considered a spiritual saint and a reputed miracle worker , those you can immediately recognize. Effort has been a hard path for cultures,yet not many get noticed when it comes to choices, however lets take it to a point where you never hear of those or see those that are of other cultures listed on the spiritual lists for physicalmediumship or any other type of medium ship healing etc, why? why are some spiritual places not welcoming enough culture to them, some do, yet there is a divide and a power, ego thing going on, only certain people or cultures can have a say or a right to something, yet not all. Recently I seen many complaints about cultures being racially remarked at in some churches or other spiritual places, or just by people, not made to feel welcome, yet comments about there skin color or remarks that there own culture is not able to be the medium or healer or anything in the category labelled, I can not post in this post what has been going on, yet this puts a new angle for people of culture to think about why are they not being welcomed or valued or accepted as a human individual who has rights to be some one also, no matter what race some one is, they to are able to do things just as much as another culture. We all live in this world together, and should be able to get along, yet holding on to controlling and over powering another from doing something they know they can do is wrong. Questions have been put to spiritual organizations about this, and they refuse to answer questions about why it is happening in the churches and other spiritual venues or places, those who chair for a spiritual place and I am talking those who believe in the afterlife not just other religions it is going on everywhere, are being very cold towards other cultures, people who asked questions and complained about things that have personally happened to them yet not one person who had the means and power to deal with the situation, refused to comment or investigate the problems that arose, totally ignored it and did not do a thing, so why is this happening? there should not be racism in any spiritual movement, yet it is going on. And i feel it should be a time cultures stand up and be counted, they should not have to tolerate this any more.


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