16th March 2012 Sitting Mysterious Circle ET Transmission

It is the 16th March 2012 an opportunity for the mysterious circle to sit, it has been a night of surprise, during even before the sitting got started the ET began talking over the medium and brought in there loud transmission that they are there to be heard and are transmitting in the circle, this sitting has communication of the ET talking all through the sitting whilst medium is also sat still, some images below are from the saved sitting what the ET transmission was doing at times whilst communication been given, there dimension was very clear some words was in English other words ET language, some words are easier to hear to others, will add the video soon. Chris has witnessed the ET for himself and has said there is no way this can be done by anyone, it has also been expressed loved ones from the other side will be talking through the ET transmission for public to hear for them self and those who are related will be recognized, this is becoming a more regular communication in the sitting that those in other worlds are getting them self heard and there is no stopping them in how they come in, and it is a big effort they are making to do this, and the circle is looking forward to the further developments the ET have to share.

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