25th March 2012 Aura Cleanse Meditation and ET communication MYsterioUS Circle


It is the 25th March 2012 and late evening about 9:45pm, and sylvia was feeling very tired, and even though she has not sat for a while she felt a short meditation would be a good idea to do before going to sleep, and clear the aura of anything that could be blocking her, whilst sitting, communication came through from ET which you can take a listen to the audio below which lasts about 16 mins, the language is not earth language, so it will be hard to understand, whilst at the beginning of the sitting Sylvia spoke a short time yet is hardly heard, the male ET takes over in most of the sitting voice communication, sylvia can be seen and the aura behind here circled above and around her head glowing, at times her hands disappear in to it, take a look at the images below and a listen to the ET.

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