26th March 2012 Mysterious Circle Out Door sitting ET Transmission

it is the 26th March 2012 and a lovely day, the weather is amazingly peaceful and warm, it has been difficult for the mysterious circle to sit anywhere since being in the new location yet for a very short time this morrning Sylvia sat outside for meditation, connecting with all things in the universe, the greatest moment of all what happened was the change over, the ET transmission coming in of communication and the visual side taking completely over the sitting, the white you will see in the images below are from the saved recording of the sitting, all what Sylvia seen outside of the countryside became a white mass, this white mass your looking at is to do with the ET sharing there world combining with ours on earth, this is a time of bigger developments for them in what they share and show for you to see, this is there time, there space, part of one species world, transmitting in to the vortex of Sylvia here on earth. enjoy some of the images below.

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