26th March 2012 Mysterious circle sitting special healing for requested people and chris


It is the evening of 26th March 2012 and mysterious circle sit for special healing sitting for requested list of people and for Chris, the circle has not sat for healing for couple months or more due to location change which slowed all sittings down,now it became an opportunity to start the healing back, Sylvia was in deep trance, and the spirit healers worked through her, unfortunately the audio has not turned out,the only confirmation of what has been said is from Chris himself, Chris had suffered bad chest pains most of the day, he received healing for this urgent complaint, during the healing for Chris, healing was also sent out to other people in the world including Anita friends, this has been a very positive evening, will keep you updated on the people , Chris higher self at times during the sitting was attempting to appear during healing and even though a great deal been done to him the vast levels of what the healing and vortex put him through shows up on the sitting recording, once he has rest takes it easy, his higher ether self and body will re align and be balanced again. take a look below at the images of the healing, you will see a head behind Sylvia appear a male healer.

a white male head appears in back of cabinet away from Sylvia head,
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