9th March 2012 Mysterious Circle Update

                                                                  4th February 2012
It has been a while since the mysterious circle has sat, yet plans are being made to focus on the sittings again as soon  as possible, it has been a sensitive and difficult couple of months for Sylvia to get organised with everything going on in her life, there is good news to come sittings will be back on live cam yet different to what the regulars had before. Private readings and private sittings will be a very strong feature for the circle, progress has already been going very well for Sylvia with the readings she has  been doing for different people in the world, the sittings soon will be in full operation as well this will be a busy time, so it will be worth while when all is in place what is being put together in a very special way to share more with the world, looking forward to the circle sitting and focusing on the spirit and ET and bringing as much guidance to people in world as progress is made each step of the way. Will get back in to it all will keep you updated.

Mysterious circle



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