10th April 2012 Mysterious Circle Sitting Et Transmission and world

it is the 10th April 2012, the mysterious circle sit for a short demonstration sharing to viewers some examples in what can happen more with the vortex when active, the medium did not feel strong in energy, kinda week yet results came in positively,  within the cabinet a ET transmitted energy moved across the cabinet, when the medium was away from it at the time, and close up to the camera strands appeared from the mediums fingers, the faces of other life forms came through over the mediums face and the vortex out of the medium helped bring in faces from other dimensions, some of the demonstrations shown to viewers was not as powerful as yesterday yet look at what happened in the pictures below still shots from the saved sitting recording.
Et light came in fast moved to the other side of cabinet then vanished

powerful ET transmission coming in above the cabinet.

medium half of face whitened out completely and her visible eye reshaped in size to

medium transforming in to another person

whole face altered nose is long and arched

the mediums ether self the higher self coming through face and arms are changing

the vortex becoming active in the mediums hands

as the vortex spins parts of the mediums arm appears to disappear

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