11th April 2012 Mysterious Circle Special Sitting Et and Spirit

it is the 11th April 2012 and it was touch and go for the medium whether to sit or not, as she was feeling bit low in herself, she motivated her self to sit, during the sitting, ET communication came in, medium spoke in return during the sitting, however during this time as the ET encouraged her to stick at the sittings, the amazing results started to happen unexpectedly, different faces appeared through the vortex, the mediums face and behind her and next to her in the cabinet, the first picture you will see below is amazing in how the medium is being comforted by another soul, the ether higher self of the medium is rarely seen this evening as others are appearing,some are the guardians that watch over the medium and others are ET as well as spirit. the medium  you will see in one of the images below still shot from the saved sitting recording 7 fingers yet it may be 8 in all, the skeptics can come to there own conclusions what they wish to see or not, these images can not be replicated, this happens how you see it, enjoy the post.

oriental mans face appears behind medium

oriental mans face appearing behind medium

oriental man face just appearing from back of medium

oriental man attempting to come out of the medium

oriental mans face moving in to mediums face

you see 7 fingers possibly 8 on the hand



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