14th April 2012 Mysterious Circle sitting sylvia communicates with the ET


It is the 14th April 2012 and mysterious circle sit for beyond physicalmediumship in light, rather than sylvia go in to trance, she sat awake and decided to speak to the ET and spirit directly, she asked important questions and she got answers to some questions, the connection was very strong and inspiring,during the time Sylvia was communicating with the et and spirit, she sat in the chair at times with her eyes closed whilst the ET made preparations and she also activated the vortex, she even worked the drum for a short time, the vortex was strong at one point the vortex knocked over some crystals off the table, Sylvia placed them back and carried on communicating with the ET and spirit. She had 2 camera filming at the same time, take a look at the images below what happened. at times you see hands reaching out to the mediums face and even dome, few appearances coming through also out the medium. will add video or audio soon to this post. You will see in this post the last lot of pictures for camera 1 which brought in white noise from the ET and the ET doing the impossible to the medium and room,this is genuine footage, you will see the saved sitting video in this post, some of the ET sharing there world and them self in how they are getting in preparation for bigger things to come, this is a taster of it.There are many species. those who fear things easy, it is advised to not look, though these wish no harm in how they work or appear through the medium.
the video up above is a short clip, the full length version is still uploading.

DUE to the type of technology the ET use from there world to transmit in to ours, the full video that should be posted up here has been failing to  Process    on YOU TUBE. 

This is a very big disappointment not bing able to add this here of full  footage till we can find away, will add it later.

 Questions Sylvia asked ET for Confirmation to public even though she already knew some of the answers.

What is your name?

Where are you from?

What planet are you on?

Do you know me?

Why are you here?

Did you take me on your craft?

Will people on earth live through 2012?

how old are you?

What race or nationality are you/from?

Are you male?  You sound male to me

Are you female? Did not ask

Are you both male and female? Did not ask

What species are you?

Do you know my parents?

Do you know Chris parents?

Do you have technology if you do what is it/is it like?


Camera 2

Camera 1

An ET species appearing through the medium



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