16th April 2012 Special communication from ET and American Lady speaking

It is the 16th april 2012 and in the morning real early sylvia left her computer on most the night doing her upload for the saved recording for 14th April 2012 which has not yet fully uploaded, still uploading, any how she got out of bed, got the children ready for school, dealt with her own needs to then decided to go back up to her bedroom when chris and the children went to the school, to her amazement as she walked in to the bedroom, she heard a womans voice clear as a bell speaking, sylvia at this time thought it was something coming in from an open broweser on her computer, she checked the computer, there was no trace of an audio or a video in play, in fact she did not recognise or own what she was hearing at this time, it was a brand new transmission coming in, Sylvia spoke back to this woman, who sounded like she was repeating her sentance like a loop to get the message in, it started off as "Ok a simple test coming" then it changed to "ok a simple test" then it changed again to "Ok the simple test" and then finally it went to " ok this is a test sitting" the woman was also being at times taken over by the ET communicators who as a group was all attempting to speak at the same time, so it meant sylvia had to make them aware she needed to hear one at a time, sylvia recorded as best she could the lady communicating, she gave no name yet her voice sounded young, the ET to had a lot to say, sylvia was prompted to sit at 11:10 am and do the short test sitting which brought commun ication in, the visual side was not as important for them this morning, Chris got a chance to witness the lady speaking and he was amazed as he felt very happy to hear the effort this lady made to speak, she could be part of a translator to for the ET, or she is just coming in on her own, will find out more on this soon, this is a wonderful break through the spirit and ET are working hard to get there voices heard it is getting better, and oneday sitters will be able to communicate directly to there loved ones in the circle and hear them in there own voice giving there evidence to all who hear them speak to there closest relatives or friends, the visual side to will be another added bonus, will add the sound today.

The audio captured with american lady speaking alone will be added yet she is heard speaking amongst the ET in this audio.



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