19th April 2012 healing night and questions mysterious circle


It is the 19th April 2012 healing night and questions to, the medium decided to sit in the hallway, this is a first in this hall way, the hall is a narrow space yet was just about big enough for the medium to work the vortex, it lasted about 10 mins as this was draining for the medium, healing was sent out to as many people as possible in the world and those on the healing list, during the sitting Sylvia before hand asked her question and is to check for the answer to pass on to the person in connection with, as the sitting took place with the mediums awareness, partial dematerialisation occurred and the faces coming in quiet fast, an energy strand appears in some of the images you will see, not all pictures have captions, as you need to look to see what you think you are seeing without to much being given out to you to see, take time studying the images you will be suprised in one picture who is looking back at you from above the mediums head. The healing sittings will at some stage be going in to a higher level of sitting to bring more stronger results in of healing for anyone in need and those who get this face to face will be able to witness for them self how different this type of healing is to those they have had of traditional types of past.

medium head dematerializing through the vortex

medium going in to part materialization through the vortex

medium is fading aaway as another face begins to come in

large head appearing out of the mediums body

the spirit head appears at top of mediums head looking right back at you

this is a special person coming in as the medium is partly dematerialised

the whole head and face of a man appears over medium face



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