21st April 2012 Special Sitting Mysterious Circle


It is the 21st April 2012 and the mysterious circle sit for beyond physicalmediumship in light. this evening it was a struggle for the medium to open up the vortex it was not at its best tonight, however what has been achieved is being shared below the images saved from the sitting, it took a lot out of the medium as she has not fully recovered since 19th April so she may rest up for some days before doing another sitting like this again as she was awake, she would rather sit entranced which is easier for her to adjust to after wards.
what you will see close up in the images below are the changes taking place with the medium and the partial dematerializations appearing, the most remarkable capture that we have is the man that got through, close up to the camera his face is very clear to see, take a look below on the amazing achievements given, not all pictures are added only some.

medium going through changes

this is one of the close up faces of a man that came in through the vortex over the mediums face

mediums hand dematerializing

mediums hand dematerializing

medium going through changes close up to camera

mediums face going through changes



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