23rd April 2012 meditation sitting Mysterious Circle


It is the 23rd April 2012 and the mysterious circle sits for meditation sitting in the dining room as yesterday it was the kitchen, the connection was very strong in the dining room, so the medium sat in front of Chris's cabinet, kept the curtains closed and placed the chair in front of it, she spoke a short time then sat still with her eyes closed, the room was becoming active with noises, at one point she felt like opening up her eyes again yet knew she needed to stay focused and relax and allow the meditation state of her mind to close in to altered awareness. The cam was on a stand and recording the sitting, during the time before she went in to altered state she could feel things happening to her body, it was a strong connection coming in, she did not know at this time what or who was appearing, she only got to know after the sitting when she checked the saved recording, below are some still shot images from the saved footage. the first image shows something resembling a long claw coming out the medium,as you look at other images you will see stages of the face going through changes as well as other parts of the body, take a look at what is happening below, it was a very good sitting.will need to check audio to for any communication on the footage.



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