28 April 2012 MYsterioUS Circle Sitting with Guests Sitters and ET

Warning 18+ viewers,it is the 28th April 2012 and Mysterious Circle sit for beyond physical mediumship and have guest sitters present, before sitting took place the room was prepared and guest sitters went through rules on what to do or not do in the sitting, they was also made aware any ET or spirit communication coming in to the room to make them aware they can hear them and encourage communication to take place, sadly the sitters did not do this when the ET did come in with there own voice some other communicators also attempted communication yet had no response from sitters this you will hear and see for your self. the medium also went in to trance state and communicators spoke through her, spirit world art took place and healing, the sitting lasted less than 2 hours, the vortex was not at it's strongest however the ether selves of the sitters can be seen energized during before and after healing, the medium was blind folded whilst in trance the art was produced  by maurice a spirit artist who did complete a full portatrait of a James Lard, Silas spoke and  Tommy and kutumbu did the healing, the other spirit communicators and ET spoke through there transmission directly. Sitters present are chris, norman,darren,sam and helma?  some sitters did say they felt very tired before and during the sitting so this would make a persons awareness to interact or watch something be not as in the mood as they would be energised for something. In future any one feeling low will not sit, entry will have to be refused for important reasons, it has been a very hard lengthy road working with ET and spirit and there efforts are important in which they do there very best to be heard and time is precious, you never know how long something will last once you get a break through and it must be paid close attention to to make the best opportunity available to talk when that chance is made to hear what they have to say, ignoring something like this, is a waste, if you have no time for them, why should they make time for you. It is peoples choice to accept or not or speak when spoken to or not, yet when the communication is there in full bloom, do not let it slip from your fingers as you may never get the chance to ever do it again and especially when it is your loved ones struggling on the other side making big efforts to talk to you and you do not rfespond, what is the point of sitting if you got no time to listen to them. you masy as well not be there at all.

At the bottom of the page is the spirit world art picture of James lard

below is the audio so you can hear what went  on if you struggled hearing anything in the video.

Images below:
rather than add captions to each picture below, You can see or not see what you wish for your self.

James Lard

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