30th April 2012 ET and spirit take a visit within Chris car

it is the 30th April 2012  before 21:00 pm hours in evening and Sylvia was sat on single chair near computer and from where she was sat, could see the window and outside, she had left her mobile phone upstairs and was prompted to go get the phone and go bit closer to the window where the other single chair is. as she looked towards the car parked outside, she seen something happening in the car, now immediately people will think ohh it sky reflection on the car, yes there will be some there, however it is what is taking place in the car itself what shows up as proof this is no sky, it is a "being" with lots mist energy at the car steering wheel, it moves from the door side to the end of the seat, it lowers it self at times and moves about the seat, if that was sky it would be moving one direction only then gone, this being is in the car taking a shine to Chris car seat and is behind the steering wheel not on the windscreen. Below are still shots of this being in the car, take a look at the video clip of it moving about in the car.Whilst Sylvia was capturing this ET in the car Chris was too carried away texting messages on the computer to friends so he had his mind else where to walk over  and look at what was going on in the car, Sylvia shown him the footage and his jaw dropped, will he get in the car and drive now he seen? will have to see.You can make up your own minds what you see in this car, Sylvia knows this is an ET in the car.

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