31st March 2012 Mysterious Circle sitting and ET communication and visual

It is the 31st march 2012 and mysterious circle did a couple of test sittings, communication came in from ET and there transmission of worlds to was coming in, some ET can be seen forming in and around the cabinet,on the 28th March 2012 the UFO appeared in the area this is on saved footage, this post has not been added yet as the film is stuck on the mobile phone and the lead that is needed to upload the video to computer is missing, soon as found will add the post with video. Some visitors should of arrived today yet other reasons for them not turning up to get to know the mysterious circle became a cancellation and a new date in its place. special important communications are being brought in to the sittings from ET very  important information that can not always be shared with public as it may get in to the wrong hands, yet truth is being given about what is going on behind the scenes with world leaders and governments and secret info in the universe that is at its highest of knowledge and understanding where man would like to achieve some day, by time they ever get to find it , things will have evolved even more by then.Take a look below at the ET what they share.the small circle on top corner of cabinet is there small craft that is like a bubble it can grow in to hugs size.The ET is a purple color showing its head still forming.



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