3rd April 2012 Taken on the ET Craft

31st march 2012 ET sitting 3 days before ending up on the ET craft

It is the 3rd April 2012, Sylvia is  not sure who to tell, yet her friend whom she  has trust in  told in confidence, sitting with ET has been a wonderful achievement yet finding oneself on there craft is another thing again, this has not been the first time, it is a first time in a very long time.A skeptic will openly begin to say negative things in to what they see as real and un true, the only way a person can believe in something, is when it personally happens to them. till that day arrives they will be skeptic people.
Sylvia went to bed in the evening and felt need to sleep, she woke up later and found her self not in bed, yet on a UFO, with 4 ET, the ET was like a pink purple salmon color, very tall, taller than the seance cabinet, taller than a door, not in any way resembling a gray or a white, this was a very different species to the common type ET people talk about, they was stood corner to corner, and at the exact same time, put there hands in this white like sheet that moves like a mist it was whiter than white, Sylvia knew some one was underneath it, yet could not see who, yet feared Chris and kids could be. The ET shown her things, they had no high tech equipment visible on there craft, no windows, the floor had a lit up white mist light different to our light on the ground, the room was dark yet you could see around it clear, a darkness that was special in seeing around. Sylvia was looking on yet sat down in a special seat different to earth seats, when the ET brought forward by will a high technology of there own, it appeared from no where instant as quick as, lots could be seen from many galaxies away in there systems that had a mind of there own and not computer based, yet alive intelligence that brought through worlds many distances away in to the ship. She does not have the means to say how she got on and off the craft when she did  awake again, she found her self in bed, she got up out the bed, went downstairs, the time on the clock was 3am early morning of 3rd April, the ET had ability to control her memory to not know where she was fully for purpose and safety for future returns yet not know fully of how she got on and off there craft. those who doubt other life forms of existence should think again, we are not alone in the universe, there are many species of life in different forms to each other and are alien to each other that do exist, more will be shared on what was given and said to Sylvia from these highly evolved beings. watch the site for more updates.It has been at times since Sylvia remembers from childhood been a regular occurrence of meeting up with different ET, this is not a new experience,she has encountered many experiences which for others to understand will find hard to believe unless been there them self to experience.She has been used to the recharge experiences that occurs bit like the 26th march 2012 experiences the light and others before, one day more 2will be said, however the LID project says it all in what will be shared further down the line on things that have not yet been shared publicly.The full term and identity to what Sylvia is and does will be shared when ET are ready for her to be known.

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