4th April 2012 Mysterious circle sitting via blog Tv


On the 4th April 2012 mysterious circle did a short live sitting via blog TV demonstrating how material can become another form from solid to energy or another type of matter, the vortex was shown and also the hand drum was used for a demonstration in moving it from a solid object in to the vortex where it appears gone and becoming a greater form of energy, then brought back to solid, in some images below you will see the ether higher self appear from the vortex of Sylvia and other life forms peering through, this is just a taster of what capabilities there are around people in the world that can see for them self if they wish to switch off from the material in which they have adapted to in seeing as regular every day life. the circle is planning on going out doors again to do special sittings this year some time, will keep you updated, watch the live sitting on the 7th April 2012, the banner is on the main page, go register free to the site, then go to the broadcast page to view. Enjoy what is on its way to you for the future soon.



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