6th April 2012 Special Healing Sitting


It is the 6th April 2012 mysterious circle sit a special for healing being sent out to people who sent requests, special healing also being carried out to Anita who has had an operation and also requests for family, Shanna questions are being dealt with by the spirit team to guide her on the right path for theater, Sylvia was not in trance this evening however is now feeling drained as her awareness goes through a draining time when alert during healing or any other form of work with vortex also,will add more to this post tomorrow, in some images below you will see stages of a healing guide connected with medium appearing out of her. All healing has been sent with love and light, the dome has many crystals around it and inside it this was used for testing purposes today.
Not all of the sitting got recorded, the very first part did not record, yet the rest did it was sylvia's error forgetting to put the record button on.

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