8th April 2012 Special outdoor sitting today Mysterious circle

Please return to this post later today on the update on the special sitting, that will take a lot out of sylvia yet will be worth it, you have been used to seeing the vortex in how it spins and what it can produce, lets see what we can do with the out doors with nature in bringing it from your realitty how you know it to be, in other realities you are not familiar with, watch the update all will be posted in this post here..

Today sylvia sat in doors and out doors and no matter where she sat it still happened, she changed camera's it still happened, all of the material that is seen around us whatever those things maybe, cars, grass people etc, it all went away did not appear as it should for you to see, the plan was to go out side connect with nature and show you the other realms of reality by connecting past the point of plants and more, this has been a second time since going out side in this location, the white becomes covered beyond everything in surroundings, and to understand it, others will say it must be a fault error or other means for it to happen. below are some images of the surrounding white covering everything and taking over Sylvia, the mysterious circle will attempt filming again out doors some time today or in the week. 26th march 2012 a similar white appeared for the out door sitting Et.



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