8th April 2012 chris stands and sits with his higher ether selves appearing from 3 dimensions in shadow form

8th April 2012 chris stands and sits with his higher ether selves appearing from 3 dimensions, this is not camera trick or lighting trick, the shadow appearances shown in different heights, the tallest slightly taller than Chris himself, the other 2 shorter yet shorter slightly to each other, and color are all different to each other, the short one nearest to Chris himself is darkest, the middle short one is lighter, yet the tallest gives off a brownish tinge, the taller one looks out for Chris, you will see how strong the energy field is around him in a transparent glow, the video filming was taken by Sylvia using her mobile phone, because she spotted what was happening to Chris she wanted him to see for himself how he is sensitive to the other worlds today and she has said to him to sit later today as more will appear, look at the saved recording above what is near Chris in connection to his higher beings of his dimensional state. he is highly sensitive at this time, many spirit can appear from him if he sits today. A skeptics opinion would be placed in seeing this in another form of explanation, what the eye can or can not detect will show what is there whether your facing it or a camera captures it, all realities are there in life and are existent, what you choose to see or not see is down to your own reality on perspectives, this is just a taster an example of what happens when an individual is highly sensitive to allowing there dimensional self and other life forms from other worlds to appear, when you work with the higher dimensions in the solid state similar things can still happen like this yet on a more vaster scale.
there will be special classes coming on line and off line where those who would like to see for them self how to unlock the dimensional worlds around you and step in to it, for further info get in touch with Sylvia, you maybe interested in seeing her at the big conferences in person coming in October 2012 and march 2013 and get a deeper sense of what her form of sitting and working with other worlds and ET etc are all about, you may get a chance to meet some for yourself.



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