9th April 2012 special sitting mysterious circle Highly sensitive Vortex

It is the 9th April 2012 and what an active vortex the medium is going through.Anything touched as much as the medium is on awareness the impossible happens with material items, copper spirit tree, thick scarf, sock etc.Demonstrated is what happens when highly sensitivity with the vortex how it can make anything solid become seen through or appear to be gone. The mediums face on close up camera too shows the many faces of others appearing, and parts of the medium disappearing partially,the medium also did a drawing yet did not have spirit do the drawing through her, the vortex has made the medium tired out yet is content the results achieved are remarkable.The Et to made there connection that to is another remarkable achievement for them in all the good they are doing involving the sittings, take a look below at the images from this evenings sitting.The mediums hands the changes they go through, mediums face to.

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