12th April 2012 Mysterious Circle Special Short Sitting oriental Man appears through Sylvia

 It is the 12th April 2012 and finaly the oriental man appears very clear, it has been a struggle for him to come through the medium, he has no hair at the front of his head, this is a very wise knowledgeable guide, and to understand how the mediums taken over becoming transformed with these special people from other worlds will be understood clearly one day, at this time take a real good look, and mysterious circle are aiming for more, and not giving up on those who have worked so hard from the other side of life to come through, they do not come in by command or demand, they have free will, and every effort made is treasured, and for those people who do not believe in spirit or ET that is there own decision made for them self, your only belief in something will be by your own personal experiences, and for now I we close this post as it is Sylvia birthday tomorrow shushhhh.  P.s left the other images off.



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