10th may 2012 something in the mist flying in and out and up

it is the 10 th May 2012 the day has been mixed with weather however just before 18:00pm hours a mist formed up on the hills quiet sudden,i got my mobile phone and felt a need to film the mist forming, suddenly out of the blue some thing appears out of the mist moves around then goes back in, and rises up, and about 2 others show up also in the mist, never seen anything like this in a odd shape and form, that is no craft like earth, yet this appeared as though it has a mind of it own, the mist lasted about 15 mins then went, after 15 mins it returns again after a 5 minute break, take a look in the mist where the houses are and what moves, there was no rain, no storm, just mist.

take a look at the images below to get a closer look



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