12th May 2012 special sitting with stick and from behind mirrors mysterious circle


it is the 12th May 2012 a Saturday, it is rare the circle sits on a Saturday, however this was a need, the sitting was not planned, yet the ET kept prompting Sylvia to sit, took a while for her to get things happening yet eventually it began, first demonstration was with a wooden stick, an old one that has been off a tree for some time, the stick was used to show what can be done with it in our world on earth yet taking it to a level of dimension where the vortex meaning whirlpool or tornado etc can alter its perspective visually, so this was demonstrated, where it looks like it is absorbing in to nothing then returning back to its full solid state, after that demonstration, a black s crying mirror was used where it was held in the mediums hands and the front of the mirror where you would look in to it was facing opposite direction to the medium, this demonstration was based on bringing the mediums face from behind the mirror to the front of the mirror, the next demonstration was using a normal mirror doing the same thing putting the front of mirror opposite way to mediums face and bringing her face from the back of the mirror in to the front, yet the two mirrors was also turned back facing front and mirror facing medium to bring her face at back of mirror, now the normal mirror did more than just bring her face through it brought a bigger phenomena turning the mirror at times looking like a type of TV screen and other things inside, this was a very good sitting in what appears even the ET hand appearing at side from mediums hand, take a look at the still shots from the saved sitting, some pictures are not in order, yet you should get an idea on what you are seeing.





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