17th May 2012 Time Travel & parallel Worlds portal in the back garden Mysterious Circle Special


Portal Appears of our hall and sitting room doorway in the back garden. (Time Travel & parallel Worlds)
I ended up in bed very early yesterday, i was feeling sick and aching, later on in the evening i got out of bed and the hall light up stairs was off, as i stepped out my bedroom and looked on at the window I seen what you may think at first to be a reflection appearing through the window, however it was not normal, it appeared outside in the garden, when i got my mobile phone took pictures and filmed it, i noticed it was our downstairs lounge door and allway with picture up, and this was more than just a reflection, it appeared in our back garden, the neighbours next door was up in early hours of morning they are normaly in bed, noises was heard outside, plus when i eventually got back to bed i seen the ET lights in my room, I wish i had gone out in the back garden the time the portal was in view to see, as I could have tested it further, but me and chris had a bust up so in between our bust up I was trying to focus on this amazing moment, i have video and images of it all.

and to measure the distance plus to work out being downstairs in the hall way then look up to the window from downstairs you can not see outside from there you have to go upstairs to see out yet the front room door way and hall with picture appears out in back garden on the ground, some snap shot images below and video links too part 2 and part 3, you tube has fixed the lighting on 2 video, as they was a bit dark to see, you will see better on the footage.

Part 2 video Link click here

Part 3 video link Click Here



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